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Underwear Makes Prime Time --

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
- Underwear Makes Prime Time --
Victoria's Secret Model Underwear

By Lynn Hamilton

When Islamic fundamentalists to ranting about America's moral and spiritual bankruptcy, I'm pretty sure the televised Victoria's Secret fashion show the kind of thing they're talking about. Victoria's Secret Model Underwear

When the World Trade Center came down, my very first uncensored, political, oh so wrong-thinking that in a few months I can walk around in a veil. So, I glad to see America again with the passionate commitment to women's maximum meat.

When I told Joel, I am important, that I want to watch the Victoria's Secret show, he blinked several times, may wonder what kind of extraterrestrial just snatched woman he built with the morning.

"I feel increase in my comment," I said, with the explanation.

The show gets right to the start gratifyingly pornography. "Lock your wives and girlfriends in the attic" Emcee who said to us before taking a "tour" of the underwear supermodel Heidi's body. Victoria's Secret Model Underwear This tour involves the jaw that he was rubbing against the foot. One is reminded of that old joke Christmas gift that really sexy underwear gifts for the guy. This program is clearly intended for men - which can justify on the basis of watching that they are scouting for gifts.

Joel wanders off during the "Meet the Model" the show - which takes a 20 minutes - with instructions to notify him when the girls hit the runway.

"Okay, there's brain Surgeons?" He ask, peeking his head back into the space around a quarter of the last day.

Victoria's Secret Model Underwear Well, no, not really. They do all seem like nice girls, however, some of them painstakingly so. All of them want to be angels. They refer, of course, for the part that will show where they don large, fluffy wings to match their Bras and panties. (Is this not a more appropriate target for theologically Southern Baptist boycott of Disney World?)

Although they are not exactly the word, this is the message I choose from the capsule interviews with models:

"I work hard."

"I'm not prancing around in underwear on in the community. In fact, I am really excited about this show."

"This is the hard work of you might think."

Victoria's Secret Underwear Model "I'm really a nice girl."

Ad mix so seamlessly in the show, it's almost impossible to tell where one leaves and the other begins. I guess it's sure to happen when emerging from the subject and show the sponsor is one and the same. The scenes of excitement back, with a naked girl in Victoria's Secret underwear, giving way to a quiet girl who sat in a chair, wearing Victoria's Secret and tossing her hair around. This is, after all, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show brought to you by Victoria's Secret. There is one long ad. There are also some trailers for upcoming documentary on super model and previews from the Barbara Walters special starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, both of them may also be supermodels.

When the woman finally went on their runway ensembles angels, concealing most things that they're wearing a dog-topped boots. Fantasy is always better than reality, and here there are exceptions. Underwear is very far from the sexier naked. This strip women of the few wisps of them wearing clothes, they will loose all their rights sex goddess. They will look vulnerable. We will be embarrassed - for them and for ourselves.

Victoria's Secret Model Underwear They're wearing a Boston Globe author Tina Cassidy has quietly dubbed "corset trousers." I see a model tugging down on the side of this product, may try to make it cover more of the meat from the route that is designed for. No doubt he rebuked the back. No one else is making a mistake in the entire rest of the show.

There is no voice over talking about the fashions. If this is a genuine show of generosity on the women to find the goods they wardrobes, the designer will need some named, some fabrics are identified. However, events in this refreshingly honest decreased the pretense. Cassidy also noted that not all the clothes you see here is on the shelves at the nearest Victoria's Secret outlet. Some of the most interesting part was invented specifically for the show. You can search for them in vain.

"Have you seen anyone crack a smile?" Joel request.
"Some," I reluctantly replied. Pouting fashion model too much with the attitude that one of the bugaboos. I heard a few bars of "America, the beautiful" which is given in techno. Feathers fly over angel sequence.

Victoria's Secret Model Underwear Okay, I can not really seem to get myself a high feminist protest about all this. Girls who are paid enough. Nobody's making them do this. To say they are in the clothing may be a good stretch, but at least they're pretty. And I do not have any problems with the human body.

There are many things women do to live a more humiliating. Living with men we do not love, for example. Getting on the butt for the lack of tips. Slaving away in the office to wage almost invisible, and even less thanks.

However, I feel like this is that there is buried here a lesson. May be this: It's easy to identify the extremism of the foreign culture. They are all bearded men, their women veiled, they are angry over our cultural invasion should be irrational, they envy our wealth scary.

It's a lot harder to notice our own brand of extremists.

Given the choice, of course, I would choose the United States from the exploitation of women's body from the top insistence that Islam is something very shameful, must be protected at all times. And I will do a deal with seven out of seven days.

So, I was needlessly worried that everything will really change after September 11. United States has been to persuade the Islamic world criticism we truly materialism with a giant screen really perfect materialism.

Victoria's Secret Model Underwear

Thao Says:
Thu 17 Jul 2008 12:17
Hi I just want to say that all models from Victoria's Secret looks beautiful and I am a big fan of the design. I hope one day that will be in Victoria's Secret.

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