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Alina Fashion Week brings you Fashion meets nature. A Life of the LRT.

Alina Fashion Week brings you
Fashion meets nature. A Life of the LRT.

Bali is famous for its beautiful beaches, stunning vistas, glorious sunsets, the ideal location for high-level summits and conventions, but now also for the fashion event because of continued creative success of Bali Fashion Week. BFW is a unique event that fuses fashion fashion, art, culture and become a full-inspired festivals that evolved into a significant fashion world events.

The 7th edition BFW opened on 22 November 2007 with the theme "Fashion Meets Art". This four-day annual event rolls fashion, art and culture into one to create "An Arena for Excellence." In addition to exceptional cultural heritage that is unique, friendly people and stunning panorama, Bali is a concrete example of our efforts to blend tourism promotion, fashion trade and investment (TTI).

With wide support from the government and many private companies and local and international fashion community involvement, Indonesia, this action-packed four-day events including trade exhibitions, seminars, open dialogue with designers, Going Green Design Competition handbag, Fashion Model Award, one night week Fashion show, which build to crescendo with Mardi Gras, carnival FashiONtheStreet fashion - on the last night.

The trade exhibition will display clothing, accessories, textiles, with a handmade, embroidered, knit, crochet and beading treatment, and CAD / CAM system for aiding the design and production of clothing. A series of seminars conducted in parallel to the exhibition, topics ranging from trends in fashion & color, design, technology, marketing and business skills and environmental issues.

Three-night fashion show was held in an amphitheater with the beach & the sea as a backdrop. Three cargo containers provide the stage with bold message - "From Bali to Paris", "From Bali to New York," and "From Bali to the World" - drunk on the side. Model sashayed not less than 25 collections of 24 designers with a lower catwalk from traditional to modern-day casual wear, leisure wear, eveningwear, children's wear and cyber-futuristic clothes.

Thinking Bali creative atmosphere nurtured a new breed of local fashion designers, which consists of Bali and expatriates from the four corners of the world have decided to make Bali their home. Bali is a large expatriate community, many of those involved in the fashion industry. Collection shows the expression of their free-thinking design inspired by the life style resort Bali, and the new electronic age of cyber-characters. Collectibles designed by children for children is indeed a heart on the catwalk.

At the carnival, 20 groups, some horse-drawn chariots, some in the open top of the car, and the other on foot, each with their own theme paraded through the city to take more than one hour and ended in beautiful Kuta Beach, against the background the glorious Pacific sunset, BFW bring to the grand final.
Environmental protection is an ongoing concern of the residents of this pristine island. Some carnival costumes statement is the protection of nature, to stop air pollution, promote the culture and enjoy nature. Some people in the portrait as bandages and face masks to filter the contaminated air emitted from the earth sick. Wash hands and the design of Going Green Design competition to go to the design used recycled computer chips, waste paper and newspaper.

Bali island is given the most popular in the world. The setting is very interesting and dynamic blend of cultures east and west Bali provided the ideal platform to blend, and change the mode to the future design and respond to tropical weather, a holiday connected with the lifestyle of the rich culture. Owing to this mixture of both local and foreign culture and ambience that encourages creative thinking, Bali has become a breeding ground for creativity in fashion. Cross-cultural taste in women's fashion and the popularity of spa and resort lifestyle today supports Bali Fashion Week as an ideal place to gather, present and the present mode of ideas with local and international designers.
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