Thursday, January 15, 2009

gone out of fashion?

fashion 2009

What is bringing us this time? What is "on" or "out"? What is fashion and what's gone out of fashion?

Although I am a lover of fashion; I always try to bring tweezers suggestions for the period of parades that take place in New York, Paris or London. This is because, well that sometimes the budget does not provide for the good buy clothes or the prospect of our market is sometimes different from what happens in the rest of the world-is because we do not have courage to use it or because the stores do not sell models that we want to buy, most of the time I try to have the philosophy of bringing fashion in my life, my preference and what the rest my clothes for spring and summer, and that, like many, I can not change my clothes every time we changed our time and years.

What I'm looking for is to try to buy some clothes fixed and / or accessories (which are usually cheaper) to give the appearance that the period of "demands" in some way.

I remember when I was a girl, I hate-the famous Guess jeans you had this ... independent if they are originals or not, you are an addition to your wardrobe. Nowadays, because my 31 years, which means that not much for me.

Another thing we must also take in account that not everything that we do should use it. Many times this happens: something we love, but it does not go to our body types, but this is fashion, so we use it. Please we must take these ideas from our heads.

It is also important and highest form now, as I mentioned the other to post, all trendy. That is, the trend of the past decade is a mix to do this year. Everything is in the past!

Well, now they are going to what is happening in fashion this season: Girls, to use skirts! The spring-summer long skirts, half leg, short, balloon, line, rebound, with pockets and others, such as what to wear, both, will present So ... care of the legs!
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All you need is fashion 2009!

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