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Tuxedo: Men's 2008/2009 suit fashion trend

Tuxedo: Men's 2008/2009 suit fashion trend

Clothes inspired by noon suits was a great inspiration for women's fashion in 2008, so it does not really come as a surprise that the same tendency will be prevalent in menswear in 2008 and 2009.

Dinner Suit Tuxedo Mens Fashion Trend

Tuxedo features on men's catwalks: Dries Van Noten, Salvatore Ferragamo and Kris Van Asscher

But how will wear it?

Certainly not in a semi-formal way, unless invite require. Instead of men 2008/2009 Tuxedo trend will take its cues from death dress code: pairing traditional formal elements of the dinner suit with fashion pieces. Trend research agency Promostyl got it right in their husbands Summer 2008 Trend Book, when they acted noon tropical elements according to both their academic and noise issues.

James Bond noon tropical Tuxedo
Avoid James Bond's peaked Lapel

The key for guys is to really know what items to pick from a dinner suit. The easiest would be satin scarf, satin notched or peaked Lapel or satin stripe on the trouser leg. Personally I would avoid a peaked lapel and stick to the veil or notched lapel, these are much easier to bear. I also want to avoid choosing the formal noon shirt as an element, despite being included in women's Incarnation of the trend.

And where can you buy it?

Dinner suits are an absolute bugger to buy, especially because off the rack suits tend to be made to an older gents figure then take a slender cut is near impossible. Watch points out, however, the recommended items used by high-end designers, Dries Van Noten men's catwalk serves as a good example. If you want to buy the full suit and mix and match elements as desired, see Ralph Lauren's Black Label, with its sleek cut noon fit in perfectly with a trim figure. But if you looking for something unique, look no further than your local vintage fashion store. Do not be too reluctant to make a good investment, however. Right noon suit is timeless and this trend will be around for the Autumn (Fall)-Winter 2008/2009 and Spring-Summer 2009.
clik here for more...www.fashionising.com/trends/b--Tuxedo-Mens-20082009-suit-fashion-trend-1060.html

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